The Franklin Institute, STEM 3D: Integrating Science into Afterschool

This project is developing strategies for afterschool facilitators to engage underserved youth and families in year-round STEM learning and career awareness through a combination of afterschool, home, and community activities.

During the first phase of STEM 3D, CR&E prioritized formative evaluation, with the goal of facilitating communication among families, facilitators, and informal science educators. CR&E shares feedback from interviews, observations, and focus groups with project staff and participants to support dialogue about project goals and help develop a shared language for discussing emerging successes and challenges. In the final phase of STEM 3D, we will begin summative research about STEM learning and career awareness among participating youth, families, and facilitators.

Louis Stokes Midwest Center for Excellence PHASE I (2012-2017)

The Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP)program assists universities and colleges in their efforts to significantly increase the numbers of underrepresented minority students completing high quality STEM degree programs. The Midwest Center for Excellence is the first dissemination center of the larger LSAMP initiative. The center’s activities include an annual conference for LSAMP institutions and a partnership with 28 non-LSAMP colleges in the Midwest.

CR&E has worked closely with the center’s leadership team to provide formative feedback and enhance the center’s success with its multiple constituencies. Of particular importance, CR&E has provided the the center with a set of indicators and matrices that document the progress and challenges of 28 partner institutions as they build institutional capacity to broaden STEM participation.