Who We Are

Creative Research and Evaluation (CR&E) is committed to program evaluation that advances the interests of young people and their communities.

What’s New? Click here to read a 2020 report by Sukey Blanc, Michelle Day, and Mariel Charles:  How Black and Latinx STEM Students Persevere in the Face of Covid 19 and Systemic Racism.

Click here to see how CR&E collaborates with program staff and community members.

Who We Are

CR&E brings together diverse teams of researchers with strong qualitative and quantitative research skills. All our researchers are committed to improving educational quality and equity for under-served students.  The recent massive protests taking place against police brutality and led by Black Lives Matter activists are inspiring to researchers at CR&E.    This movement is helping us to sharpen our focus on anti-Black racism and to be more explicit about other dimensions of institutional power and privilege where we see it in our work.

The founder of CR&E, Dr. Sukey Blanc, is an urban anthropologist with 20 years’ experience evaluating programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and a long time interest in participatory evaluation.  Dr. Blanc is joined by a network of knowledgeable research consultants in the areas of civic engagement, positive youth development, literacy, service learning, arts education, English language learning, gender equity, and anti-racist and inclusive programming.

What We Do

CR&E conducts program evaluations for K-12 educators, universities, and community-based programs for youth and adults. Our evaluation services can improve your program, identify outcomes, and highlight the voices and concerns of participants.

We also provide technical assistance to help clients evaluate their own programs.