Publications and Presentations

The publications of CR&E researchers show the depth and breadth of our work.

Publications and Presentations

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

  • Blanc, S. (2017) Integrating Science into Afterschool: A Three Dimensional Approach, Final Evaluation Report.  Download report here.
  • Blanc, S. and Uzwiak, B. (2017) Using Visuals to Clarify Process and Outcomes in a STEM Dissemination Center. Download powerpoint Download powerpoint here.
  • Blanc, S. and Cox, T. (2015) Measuring STEM interest and motivation in out-of-school settings.  Download powerpoint here.
  • McCreedy, D. and Blanc, S. (2014) Innovative technology for students and teachers: Implementing high quality research and evaluation. Download powerpoint here.
  • Wolff, F., Pomeroy, D., Blanc, S., and Clancy, R. (2009) Virtual tutoring pilot program: Questions and considerations for the future. Read it here

Schools and Communities

  • Uzwiak, B. (2016) Community Engagement in Precarious Times: When Ethnography Meets Socially Engaged Art. Read it here
  • Uzwiak, B. (2016) Specters of a School’s Closing. Read it here
  • Harris, J. & Pickron-Davis, M. (2013) From Gates to Engagement: A Ten-Year Retrospective of Widener Universitys Journey to Reclaim Its Soul and Fulfill Its Mission as a Leading Metropolitan University. Read it here
  • Blanc, S. (2008) An evaluation study of PHENND: Participant perceptions of a regional service learning network. Read it here
  • Blanc, S., Brown, J., and Goldwasser, M. (2003) From the ground up: The Logan Square Neighborhood Associations approach to building community capacity, education and affordable housing. Read it here
  • Blanc, S. (Spring 2004) In Oakland, community groups won small schools policy. Read it here
  • Blanc, S., Brown, C., and Nevarez-La Torre, A. (2002) Strong neighborhoods, strong schools: Case-study: The Logan Square Neighborhood Association. Read it here

Education Policy

  • Blanc, S., Christman, J.B., Liu, R., Mitchell, C., and Travers, E. (2010) Making the most of benchmarks: The importance of instructional communities. Read it here
  • Zimmer, R., Blanc, S., Gill, B., and Christman, J.B. (2008) Evaluating the performance of Philadelphia’s charter schools. Read it here
  • Gill, B., Zimmer, R., Christman, J.B., and Blanc, S. (2007) The leading edge of NCLB: State takeover, school restructuring, private management, and student achievement in Philadelphia. Read it here
  • Blanc, S., and Simon, E. (2007) Public education in Philadelphia: The crucial need for civic capacity in privatized environment. Read it here